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Dr. Uma Divate
Dr. Divate MBBS MD is director HCJMRI since the fo...

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Dr. Anuradha Khadilkar
Dr Anuradha Khadilkar is MBBS, MD Pediatrics. She ...

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Dr. Yasmin Sethna
Dr. Yasmin is MBBS and she also has her MD in alte...

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Dr. Dipali Ladkat
Dr. Dipali is DHMS, MSW she is working as a medica...

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Dr. Shital Bhor (Medical Officer)
Dr. Shital is a BAMS, MPH and PGDEMS by qualificat...

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Dr. Supriya Gupte
Dr. Supriya Gupte MD, Fellowship (Ped. Endocrinolo...

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Dr. Madhura Karguppikar (MD, Pediatrics)
A fellow in Pediatric Endocrinology, Dr. Madhura h...

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Dr. Nikhil Shah (DCH, DNB)
A fellow in Pediatric Endocrinology at HCJMRI, Dr....

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Anagha Deshmukh (Nutritionist)
At Sweetlings since October 2014, Anagha is a degr...

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Shweta Murthy (Volunteer)
An electrical engineer by profession, life has bee...

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Yogini Daphal(Counselor)
A counselor at Sweetlings since January 2018, Yogi...

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Ashwini Mohite (Diabetes Study Coordinator)
Associated with Sweetlings since April 2016, Ashwi...

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Monika Sawale (Diabetes Study Coordinator)
Associated with Sweetlings since November 2016,She...

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Sandhya Gaikwad (Social Worker)
Sandhya has her Masters in Social Work and is an L...

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Dr. Chirantap Oza (MBBS, MD Pediatrics)
Dr. Chirantap Oza joined HCJMRI as a Clinical and ... - Clinical and Research fellow in Pediatric Endocrinology

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Dr. Shruti Mondkar (MBBS, MD Pediatrics)
Ever since Dr. Shruti joined HCJMRI as a Fellow in... - -

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Dr. Nimisha Dange (MBBS, MD Pediatrics)
A fellow in Clinical and Research Pediatric Endocr... - -

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Dr. Sushil Yewale (MBBS, MD Pediatrics)
Dr. Sushil joined HCJMRI in December 2022 as a cli...

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