Hirabai Cowasji Jehangir Medical Research Institute

The Hirabai Cowasji Jehangir Medical Research Institute, which is a sister concern of Jehangir hospital, Pune, has been involved in health related programs since its inception in 1995. Our major areas of work include Diabetes, Nutritional and Growth Disorders in Children, Maternal and Child Health, Osteoporosis and Bone Health, Psychological Counselling, HIV and Cancers.

Chronically sick children

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (Juvenile Diabetes)

Started in 2011, now in 7th year

Care provided for 350 children for consultations, 24 hour helpline, medicines, investigations, psychological support, diabetes education, nutrition counseling, travel to center, home visits, school visits, awareness programs, skill development and aptitude testing

Research in growth, psychological health, bone health, ultrashort acting insulin''s, nutritional deficiencies, stem cells

Collaboration with other institute’s through National programs such as the Changing Diabetes In Children

Future directions: Scaling up, setting up other centers, training of health workers at Primary Health Care Centers, Secondary prevention of Complications, Programs for improving quality of life


Children with Gender Disorders

Started in 2015, now in 3rd year

Care provided for 100 children for consultations, medicines, investigations, genetic testing for proof of diagnosis, psychological support, education about the disorder, travel to center, home visits, school visits, awareness programs.

Research in growth, bone health, genetic patterns, psychosocial health of children.

Collaborations with Dr. Kate Armstrong (Founder CLAN,Caring & Living as Neighbours), Dr. Andrew Sinclair (University of Melbourne, Royal Children's Hospital, Australia),  Dr. Mathangi Krishnamurthy, PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Future Directions: Primary prevention by carrier detection by genetic analysis on dried blood spots, bone health of patients and formation of support group

Children with Thalassemia

Started in 2016, now in 2nd year

Care provided for 150 children for improvement of bone health

Research in growth, bone health, genetic patterns in Indian children

Collaborations with Hemato-oncologists and Thalassemia Society

Future Directions: Primary prevention by carrier detection using genetic analysis on dried blood spots

Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency

Started in 2000, now in 17th year

Care provided for 300 children for consultations, Growth hormone injections (which is a very expensive medication), investigations, genetic testing.

Research is in growth, body composition, bone health, nutrition, imaging and genetic analysis

Collaborations with world authorities such as Dr. Paul Saenger (Professor of  Pediatrics  Emeritus Albert  Einstein  College  of  Medicine of Yeshiva  University), Dr. Anita Hokenkilga (Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and Dr. Ron Rosenfeld (Oregon Health and Science University Department of Pediatrics)

Future Directions: Assessing effect of Bio similar Growth Hormone vs the patented hormones, genetics of growth hormone deficient children.

Community Programs

Started in 2000, now in 17th year

Children- School, Preschool, Creche and home based programs in urban (especially slums) and rural areas

Screening and supplementation for health, growth, nutritional disorders (with special reference to anemia and micronutrient deficiencies)

Supplementation for prevention of infections and improving immunity

Screening for psychological problems, environmental problems

Awareness and education programs for health, nutrition and hygiene for children, parents and teachers

Screening for obesity, hypertension and metabolic disturbances

Apart from Pune, work has been performed in six States in rural and urban areas

Research in prevalence of deficiencies, improvement of health and nutritional status through supplementation, food fortification and behavioral modification

Future Directions: Focus behavioral modification as the intervention and scale up to work in other States, hoping to start with Gujarat.

Mother and Child Health:  Screening and supplementation for anemia and calcium deficiency- Screening for anemia and calcium deficiency in pregnant and lactating mothers. Dietary modifications in mothers diet to improve maternal and infant health.

Research in prevalence of nutritional deficiencies in mothers with special reference to bone health, metabolic health and anemia. Catch up growth of small for age babies, growth status of preschool children

Future Directions: Supplementation program for nutritional health in mothers.

Adults: Programs for nutritional deficiencies, cardiometabolic health and bone health. Awareness and education programs for health and nutrition.

Research in knowledge about Osteoporosis and Cardiometabolic Risk factors and creating tools for screening for them. Relationship of vitamin D with metabolic parameters such as lipids.

Future Directions: Research into genetic reasons for high prevalence of diabetes, cardiac risk and high body fat in Indians.


Program started in 2005, now in 12th year

Offers free diagnosis for underprivileged for Osteoporosis in adults and children. Over 12000 beneficiaries so far.

Only center in India specialized in analyzing bone health parameters in infants and children.

Only center in India with a peripheral quantitative computed tomography machine for the assessment of bone geometry.

Research in normative data for children and adults, bone status of preschool children, supplementation studies for improving bone health status.

Collaborations: with the University of Manchester and Mayo Clinic for over 12 years

Future Directions: Studying the genetics of Osteoporosis in Indians


Areas: Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency, Osteoporosis, bone health, growth, pubertal disorders, malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, infections in children, metabolic disorders, hypertension, diabetes, obesity (adults and children), body composition, gender disorders, health of lactating mothers, infants and small for gestational age babies, etc.

Awards: Twenty-two awards for papers in various National and International Conferences

Achievements: 1. Created Growth Charts for Indian Children from 5-18 years which are used by Pediatricians all over India (Published in Jan 2015)

  1. Developed guidelines for the use of Calcium and Vitamin D in Indian children (Paper in press)
  2. Published over 150 papers and presented at more than 500 Indian and International Conferences.
  3. Completed over 50 research projects
  4. HCJMRI is recognized for PhD studies at the University of Pune and MUHS. 13 students have completed/ are working on a PhD affiliated to the center
  5. Over 25 MSc, DNB and other post graduate projects have been carried out at the center
  6. Screening for Hypothyroidism (which leads to mental retardation in children) was initiated for the first time by HCJMRI in Pune.
  7. We have a special facility for screening for Cervical Cancers in HIV infected women
  8. Methods to improve calcium intake and absorption of calcium from non dairy foods have been developed at the center
  9. Our center has developed reference curves for monitoring many parameters in children such as bone density, body fat, skin fold thickness, blood pressure, etc.
  10. Our center has state of the art instruments for diagnosis Osteoporosis including an iDXA and a peripheral quantitative computed tomography machine (the only one of its kind in India).
  11. Ours is one of the few centers in India that specializes in interpreting children’s bone density data.


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