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Program for Diabetes Awareness by HCJMRI (Jehangir Hospital, Pune) on 18th November 2017
Every year around world diabetes day, we hold a program for diabetes awareness. Newspaper articles on the matter were published in the local press around the 14th November.
This year, a program was held by famous Marathi vocalist, Dr. Saleel Kulkarni who is also a medical doctor and could address the audience and encourage the children and parents. Dr. Vaman and Dr. Anuradha addressed the audience about diabetes in children and long-term health issues and social issues in children.
A press conference was also held about the program. The program was covered in the media by radio 1 (94.3) and IBN Lokmat TV channel).
Fifty children with diabetes from 2 years to 18 years participated in the program as volunteers, or participated in the dance and group song.
Dr. Saleel Kulkarni (the performer) also encouraged the children to come and sing and dance with his team. Children performed spontaneously and enjoyed the program enormously.
Following messages were given through this program: very young children can get diabetes, signs and symptoms of diabetes in children, long term complications, importance of monitoring and yearly tests, social and school related problems faced by children and ways to deal with the same, importance of not stopping insulin and resorting to other pathies.
Together with the diabetes awareness created by the program, the activity was a huge confidence booster for our children who enjoyed themselves enormously!!
Over 1500 people attended the program. A small film was also created on diabetes awareness.
Looking forward to your continuing support for the year.

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